What's for dinner?

by Jennifer
(Fort Collins)

My standard answer HAD been "Something Yucky" because that's what they were most likely to say when I gave them the real answer! Let me give just a bit of background info. I love fish, pretty much all kinds of fish. My family does not. They will tolerate a grilled salmon once or twice a summer, but otherwise...NO THANK YOU is what I hear. So I devised a plan.... MWHAAAAA HAAA HAAA

The kids (11 and 9) and the Hubby are responsible for perusing the cookbooks coming up with ALL the menu options for the better part of the week. I usually ask for at least 7 or 8 options. They have to tell me the name of the cookbook, the page number and any ingredients they think we might need for it.

Here's why it works... If I run out of menu selections, we have FISH! It works for me! I started this process at the beginning of the school year and am happy (? well, they are happy?) to report that we have only had fish ONCE!

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