Toy inventory

by KK
(Fort Collins, CO)

Every 6 months or so (before the December holidays and before our August church rummage sale), we take ALL of the boys' toys and pile them in our bedroom (then shut the door so they can't see them)... not in a punitive way.

Anything they ask for we immediately give them. After about two weeks, we have them look through the things that were never asked for, and ask if they'd like to donate some of them to make room for future toys.

They actually like this process; it's like a game to try to remember what their toys are. I doubt we'll do this when they're older; this would probably be best for ages 3-6.

I know that some people rotate toys out every few months or so; we do that too - put away the Lincoln Logs for a couple months, and suddenly they're interesting again when they come back out.

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