Have too many stuffed animals invaded?
Help is on the way...

If you are continually picking up critters all over the house, then your kids might have too many stuffed animals. Why is that a problem?

Well, first of all, stuffed animals attract hard-to-clean dust, which can contribute to or exacerbate allergies and breathing problems.

Second of all, too many stuffed animals or toys of any kind create clutter Clutter is work to pick up and is hard to clean around. The less clutter you have the less work you have.

It is understandably a difficult process to declutter, especially your child's belongings. There are four common excuses that hold people back from simplifying their lives, so try your best to stay focused.

Okay, so hopefully I've convinced you to decrease the collection of stuffed animals to a reasonable amount. What is reasonable? That's up to you, but remember that the less you have the less you have to pick up and clean around. So what now? Figure out which ones can go and then get rid of them.

This step should probably involve your youngster, if that wouldn't be too traumatic. Some parents decide to round up all the stuffed animals. put them in opaque bags and keep them in a hidden place. Return the animals that your child specifically requests because those are the most special. Chances are he or she has forgotten a lot of the others, so remove them without guilt.

You can sell them online, if you have enough to make it worth your time. Sometimes the easiest and fastest way to purge is to just donate everything.

For the stuffed animals that you and your child decide to keep, decide on a place for them to be and find a good container for them. If it's only a few, maybe they could live on the child's bed, or on a shelf. If there are still quite a few, consider a toy bin or a special hanging net that can contain and display the stuffed animals in a corner of the room.

Remember the motto: a place for everything and every thing in its place. When those two standards aren't in place, clutter is the result.

Be especially aware of your organization when new presents come into your home, like Christmas or a birthday. After one party, the system you had for eliminating too many stuffed animals might go out the window! The declutter process is ongoing and needs constant attention. If you feel that your child receives too many gifts on those occasions, this may be an additional challenge, but adhere to the motto and make sure everything has a convenient place to “live.”

Ultimately, creating and maintaining a simple, organized and clutter free home will be more enjoyable to live in for the whole family. Kids will be able to find their belongings and you will be tripping over less stuff. If you have too many stuffed animals, now is the time to get organized! You can do it and you won't regret it!

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