When kids have too many clothes
it's impossible to stay organized...

When kids have too many clothes it becomes extremely hard to keep it all organized. It's also hard for kids to have a reliable system to wash all that laundry.

This ties into how much clutter in general you have. Imagine “back in the day” before there were washing machines or driers. Each person in a family had only a few outfits and they washed clothes frequently.

Nowadays things are different. Do you do laundry every day? I mean not including towels and sheets?Do you have a significant pile of dirty laundry at any given time?

If you have a laundry problem, I need to ask you a difficult question: do you or your kids have too many clothes? If all your clothes were clean at the same time, could you store them all? Be honest.

I don't need to tell you that we as a country have more stuff than any other. So go ahead and get rid of some of it. In addition to helping someone out, it will save you time and stress.

This is also a useful strategy if you have, like I do, a darling child that struggles with keeping track of their clothes. My 6-year old was always losing things. Some of it would be in the tidy up basket , and who knows where else. He would just shrug and say “I have no idea where it is.” Hmmm.

So I recently removed all but three full outfits of clothes for his drawers. I'm not really approaching this as a consequence, just some retraining... This way he notices when he's out of clothes--when he says he's out of jammies, or whatever, he says "Mommmm, I don't have any jammies," and I say, "it sounds like someone needs to do some laundry." 

This is helping him get into some good laundry habits, but it's also helping him keep track of his fewer clothes. “Back in the day,” kids never lose their mittens or jammies or whatever. It's because they didn't have much, and they valued it more because of it.

I've found that minimizing our household stuff down to what we really need helps keep the house more organized, and helps the kids take care of their things. This is especially important and also especially difficult with clothes, because kids don't necessarily care about their clothes as they do with toys. But as we all know if we've rolled our eyes in frustration while helping a child look for a shoe, they need it more.

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