Routines for kids...
it's not just about the chores!

Implementing some fun routines for kids in your family can add the fun piece to the chores routines. I believe that we all benefit from a predictable routine –it's comforting to have a plan. For the chores part of the routine, kids know what to expect. For the fun part of the routine, it gives them something to look forward to. So let's talk about some ideas to have some family fun.

In our family we've incorporated family routines from big scale to small scale:

  • daily routines
  • Daily family fun happens mostly by making it a priority to have private time with each of my kids. Since we homeschool, we can do this easily. For other families, this can mean nighttime reading or a quick game, or even a one-on-one conversation while you're tucking them in. Don't underestimate the importance of this time together—it is the most valuable thing you can give them.

    Daily chores are outlined in the chore charts , involving everything from getting dressed and brushing teeth to cleaning up

  • weekly routines
  • In our family, we have a lot of weekly routines. Fun activities include a weekly family fun night , Sunday dinner with Grandma, kid dates night, and parent date night (I like that last one a lot).

    Their chore schedule involves each child making dinner on a certain night and doing their laundry on that same day. We also have a homeschool schedule and learning dates that happen on certain days for each child. There is weekly cleaning that everyone does, and allowance is given out weekly. We also hold a family meeting to discuss issues and schedules.

  • monthly routines
  • Truthfully, we don't have a ton of monthly routines. One nice idea I've heard, though, is scheduling in a one-on-one kid date with one of the parents once a month on the date of their birth.

  • seasonal routines
  • Seasonal family routines can involve anything that happens annually, from stress-free holiday traditions to fun birthday party rituals to helping kids set new year's resolutions. They can involve time specific activities, like Christmas Eve, or more general things like summer trips or camping trips.

It's important for all of us – not just kids – to feel the rhythm of the year and to have it anchored with certain family activities that happen year after year.

Routines for kids benefit everyone. Clear chores expectations is only one part of it! Remember that an organized home gives you more time, so make sure you make time for some family fun!

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