Use printable reward charts
to hold kids accountable and to
reduce sibling fighting.

How can you implement printable reward charts?

1. Write down your tasks. I don't use days of the week, but you could if it's helpful-- here's an example.

2. Every night, have a (brief) discussion about the day so that they have some buy in and they feel like it's fair. “What do you think you've earned?” is a great place to start, and if you disagree, say so.

3. Write down what each child has earned. Instead of earning either “star” or “no star,” for a certain task, I like to put in a neutral option, and additionally, the occasional “double star” for extra effort.

Think of a point value system:
a star=one point
double stars=two points
no star=zero points
frowny face=minus one point

You could also use points, checks or smiley faces instead of stars.

Use this model for making your own checklist. I just made mine in a spreadsheet program. Just with any of these other checklists , you have to be consistent. Try it!

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