A picture chore chart makes it easy
for a preschooler to do chores

Young kids, like preschoolers, who aren't quite reading yet might benefit from a picture chore chart. All they need is a symbol or some sort of reminder for what they need to do. For morning chores, you might select the five most important tasks for them to focus on.

We've prepared a generic picture chart with the following tasks: make bed, put jammies in the hamper, get dressed, eat breakfast, brush teeth, put shoes on. Some of the checklists that we use in our family are reusable with either a dry erase or wet erase marker. We either put the entire page in a sheet protector or even just lay a strip of scotch tape over the checkmark part.

Preschoolers also don't necessarily need to be bogged down with actually checking something off their chore chart with a pencil. An easier strategy for small hands is to just use one of those old fashioned clothespins to mark where they are in the process of completing their chores. This also helps internalize the sequence of tasks that they can (hopefully) eventually do automatically. They'll think, “when I get up, I make by bed, toss my jammies into the hamper, then I dress myself...” etc. If you can string two or three chores or tasks together, they'll have an easier time remembering them.

My kids' preschool teacher did this by just getting their attention and softly repeating the three things that they were to do next. I've adapted that brilliant strategy during the morning rush by saying “pee, shoes, snap (into the car).” It's a ridiculous mantra, but it works!

Once you print it out, fold it in half vertically, hang a mini clip to it, hang it up, and show your child how to move a clothespin along to show where they are with their chores. If you have more than one child, each can have different colored clothespin, or you can write their name on a wood one. If you're super crafty, you could hot glue a tiny photo on each one.

Picture chore charts are a great way to introduce the concept of chores to young kids like preschoolers. Once you set the expectation, you're set! Good luck!

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