Turn the tables
with a Parent Report Card

What on earth is a parent report card? Well, no one is perfect, right? What would your child want to change about your parenting? Other than eating candy for meals and getting rid of chores and homework, I mean? Is there anything that you could really could improve?

I'll go first with true confessions. I have a hard time staying off the computer when it's on. My youngest is the first to notice that, and so we developed a system that holds me accountable and lets him monitor my some of my bad habits.

This one I just wrote down on a note pad, and we check it together every day. He draws a star if I met my goal, and if I get 20 stars, we get to have extra reading time together. He absolutely loves the power and decision making, and he sees the inherent fairness in the system.

As with the other chore charts and checklists , this was a collaborative effort. I asked him what he think I should be “working on” as a mom, other than staying off the computer. He added “spending one-on-one time together” and “paying attention” to him (ouch!).

The exercise alone is very insightful into his perceptions of the day. Give it a try! Even if it's temporary, it's a great experiment.

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