Organizing shoes can save time
for you and for your kids

If you're thinking about organizing shoes, then I have to start by asking you a hard question: do you have too many? Do your kids have too many shoes? Before you get started, visualize how and where you want to store your shoes (and your kids' shoes) and ask youself:

  • Do you need to keep the boxes?
  • Do you need to see them?
  • Do you need them all in one place?
  • Have you considered a family closet ?

Start with the end in mind! Okay, so here are the steps:


1. Get rid of as many shoes as you can
Organizing shoes has to begin with this step. You can sell them on ebay or just give them away. I always opt for the latter because it's so much less work, and the money earned isn't worth the time or effort. With my kids' shoes, there is usually too much wear and tear anyway. Sometimes, though, thinking about the dollar value might be the kick in the pants you need. And I mean that in a good way!

Okay, so you've pared down the shoe collection to the bare essentials. Now what?


2. Identify each kid's shoes worn most often
What is it about kids kicking off their shoes in random places? Shoes used to be a huge part of my living room clutter, especially around the doorway. I do prefer it when people take their shoes off before coming into the house because of all the germs and bacteria on our soles.

Anyway, the fewer shoes there are, the fewer shoes are strewn all over, right? Each of my kids has their favorite pair of shoes (they usually wear their sneakers every day) and those are the ones they need by the door to avoid the morning rush.


3. Buy a “shoe bin” for daily shoes
We have a big plastic Rubbermaid bin that perfectly fits under a bench in our entry way. You could also put it in the closet near the front door. The point is to have a place where kids can just toss their shoes after taking them off that doesn't require too much effort. Since the living room is my "zone" to keep clean, it's also easy for me to pick them up so I don't have to walk all the way to their room to put them away.


4. Buy a shoe organizer for the rest
I got mine at the Container Store and I bought one for each bedroom. It hangs behind the door with sixteen pockets. This is way more than we need, so the top pockets can be used for cleaning wipes or toothbrushes or whatever. The shoes that aren't used every day can go in here, nice and neat.

So that's it! Just eliminate (unwanted shoes), designate (where they should live) and contain (them in easy storage). With those three strategies, you are ready to start organizing shoes! Good luck!

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