What's the biggest parenting secret?

You can be an organized mom
(and get your kids organized too!)

Which life will you choose?

This life:

    You get home from work, the house is a mess, which is how you left it this morning. Kid 1 is supposed to be working on her school-work, but she can’t seem to find her textbook/assignment/backpack/schedule/calendar. You need to hustle out the door with Kid 2 to get him to his class/practice/lesson which starts in 10 minutes. You yell for your child to get ready because it’s TIME TO GO! NOW! But Kid 2 has no idea where his shoes/uniform/bowling ball/cello is. Your partner will be home later than usual, but you’ve been arguing lately, so whatever. And the first person to ask “what’s for dinner?” is going to get drop kicked.

Hit a little too close to home? Think about what your life will be like in two years. How about five? What will your marriage be like in that time? What will your kids be like if you don’t turn things around right now?

Or there's this life:

    You come home to a tidy home where the kids have already done their homework. Your child is ready to be taken to her activity and has her music/gear/equipment/supplies ready to go. The other child says dinner’s in the oven and will be ready when you get back. You exhale and think, “I have the best kids in the world.” Before you go to bed later that night you post on Facebook how proud you are of your awesome kids and eagerly await the imminent onslaught of replies from your jealous friends and incredulous family.

How did those kids get so responsible?

Well--you taught them. And now you’re enjoying the fruits of your labor. You can be an organized mom and have the family life you deserve. What's holding you back?

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If you don't change direction soon,
you'll end up where you're going.

This happy person can be you. I know you’re not seeking perfection, but life has to get better than this, right?

The good news is that you are only 11 steps away from being an organized mom with a tidy home and kids who pick up their stuff. The New SuperMom, a 34 page e-book, explains it all. And you’re only 21 steps away from involving your kids in the Big Chores of the home: laundry, cooking and cleaning. Think of the extra time you’ll have! No more yelling or nagging, no more anger and guilt.

I’m a normal mom with normal kids that mess up the house every day. We have a busy schedule, like most families, that includes working outside of the home and various kid activities. At the end of the day we have dinner decisions and homework to do. I just want to spend the remaining time (yeah, right) happily with my family in a home that I’m not ashamed of, you know?

It doesn’t have to be hard. Let me help! I'll clue you in on the tips and structures you need to stay organized and involve the kids. In The New SuperMom e-book, you’ll learn

  • how to get your kids to pick up their stuff without nagging or yelling (really!)

  • the three easiest times of the day to get your kids to do what you want
  • how to implement star charts, cleaning lists and chore charts (checklists included)
  • how to motivate your kids to help cook, clean, and do their own laundry

Aren’t you curious? Here's a sneak peek...

You can turn it around! Stop feeling angry at your kids! Enjoy a cleaner home! Be an organized mom and get the kids on board to lighten your load! You’re not striving for perfection, right? But life CAN be better than this. I can tell you how. Download The New SuperMom and give it a try!

P.s. We've lowered the price to Only $7 for the month of December! Think--what if $7 could change your life and turn you into the organized mom you want to be? It's a steal! And we offer a money back guarantee, so really, what have you got to lose (except the mess and the stress)?

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'The New Supermom ebook gave me some truly valuable tools for me to implement in my home.

My 7 yr old is taking more responsibility, and THAT means that my almost 3 year old is following her lead! I can't wait to see how this evolves.

The kids WANTED to help, I just didn't have the systems in place to make it possible.

I run several businesses, but this tool gave me MANY new ideas to make my HOME run smoother.
I have less anxiety and more time to spend WITH my kids now, instead of cleaning up and doing laundry! Thank you SO MUCH for putting this together!!"

“This practical and witty e-book offers stepping stones to anyone seeking to bring more order and simplicity into the ordinary chaos of life. The approach is realistic—as in the Three M’s—and it is clear that Lorin and Rich really know their “stuff,” as they have lived it. Moreover, it is fun. The authors are there with you at each step, offering encouragement as well as sound guidance.”

"My 5yo did his laundry AGAIN! You are the queen."

"Thank you so much!!! I have my life back and my TIME!!!"

"Lorin & Rich, I just wanted to say "Thanks!" We've started doing a Family 5 several nights a week, and the change is amazing - when the kids are in bed and I sit down, the house is nearly all picked up - just from FIVE MINUTES a day! The kids have put their clothes in the hamper nearly every night this week with no whining! Our next action step is teaching the kids some cooking - you can just imagine how excited they are about that. Things are running so much more smoothly, just from a few little changes. Thank you, thank you, thank you!