Try this picture chore chart to avoid the morning rush

Even with my chore chart system I still struggle with the morning rush. In fact, any time my kids and I leave the house

My kids use their chore charts when they get up in the morning, but only recently have I thought to make a similar checklist to solve the getting out the door problem. I made a "getting out the door" picture chore chart that helps everyone remember what they need to get ready.

I don't use the clothespin like I do with the preschool picture chore chart ; the kids just glance at it before they leave and do any last minute tasks: brush hair, brush teeth, wipe face, get your stuff. My next step is to get a lightweight mirror to hang next to the door.

Kids have a lot to remember, and looking at themselves in the mirror isn't exactly a priority. When they go out into the world, though, I want them to look like they have a mother who takes care of them.

You could also add clip art to include daily reminders so kids aren't late for school for misplacing their gym uniform, library books, etc., or extra-curriculars like piano music, jujitsu uniform, sports equipment and the like.

My hope is that the generic tasks will eventually become automatic and we'll need the picture chore chart less and less, but we'll see. For now, I'm hoping to have a little less stress in the morning and get the kids organized. Wish me luck!

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