More gross than great

I think children may be more likely to come in contact with germs by putting their hands in the bowl, gloved or not, due to splashes and breathing fumes from cleansers by having their faces close to the bowl. If the person cleaning the bowl is an adult, he or she could take precautions--being careful not to splash, cleaning the gloves afterward, disposing of the wipes properly--that a child may be less able (or motivated) to manage. So an adult could choose which approach works best for them. Maybe this is a task best left to an adult anyway.

I have soaked the brush in bleach from time to time. But you have to take care to never mix bleach with ammonia, as this produces toxic fumes. This is one reason I never use ammonia.

But in truth, this is not a big issue for me--I prefer to use a brush because I don't like to get that close to the bowl and I get better scrubbing leverage with the brush than with a cloth. But I see the point of trying to make this job greener.

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