Do you know these music practice games
for making music fun for kids?

Is your child's music practice turning into a chore? Making music fun for kids is the answer--maybe you need a practice music game. This trick can be modified to almost any set of tasks or chores, but it works especially well for practicing music. These games not only add some fun and excitement to their music practice, but it also provides tools and a structure for your child to practice more independently.

Practice time doesn't have to be drudgery. Making music fun for kids makes it enjoyabe and your child becomes more motivated to practice independently. And that's the goal, isn't it? To encourage your child to practice without your nagging. To motivate your child to practice music because it's enjoyable.

The more you can do as a parent to remove yourself from your child's practice, the more likely your child will be to assume responsibility over it. Some methods encourage high parent participation, like Suzuki, which is great! However, “parent involvement” doesn't have to mean “parent directed.” Give your child some control, let them have some fun, and see if they don't pick up their instrument more and more on their own.

Making Music Fun for Kids with Music Practice Games

The Can
All you need are: a can or jar and some tongue depressors (and a marker to write with).

Write each song or item to practice on a tongue depressor or popsicle stick. I like to buy colored ones at the dollar store and I write with a Sharpie permanent marker. Put the sticks in the jar or can and let your child choose which song to practice. You control what goes in, but the child preserves some control over the randomness, which is fun.

Modification: Color code the sticks so that the music pieces are one color, and another color is style (i.e. stacatto, legatto, loud, soft, etc.). Yet another color could be something fun, like “concert time!” where the child can perform a piece for the family, or even call or skype a grandparent or friend. Examine the needs of your child in their practice time, and customize the sticks to meet their needs.

Combine this strategy with the can. Your child rolls the die to determine how many times a song will be practiced. Again the game of chance seems to excite any child.

Making music fun for kids is easier than you think. Music practice can be boring and can easily turn into a power struggle between you and your youngster. Consider lightening the mood with a music practice game!

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