Love your idea!

by Madeline

Toilet brushes gross me out. I like your idea, but I personally don't think I'd want to keep the glove around for next time—and using disposable ones every time would be wasteful too. This isn't to say yours isn't a great idea, just wanted to share what I came up with for anyone else who feels a little glove-phobic:

When an old kitchen sponge is basically on its last legs, I rubber band it to a (metal or plastic) stick and use that to scrub the toilet, let it air dry and then throw it away.

It's a lot like using those disposable brush heads, but without generating new waste! I need to finesse the process a little because right now the sponge slides around on the stick and can be a little awkward, but I'm confident that I'll figure something out with a bit more test-driving.

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