Can kids do laundry?
Of course! Get started today:

Will kids do laundry? Yes! Get started by making sure you declutter the kids' wardrobes. When kids have too many clothes it becomes extremely hard to keep it all organized. It's also hard for them to have a reliable laundry system. If you think about it, with a weekly laundry plan, kids need only about seven outfits in a season (plus maybe some special things). How many clothes do your kids have?

So let's get started. Laundry is one of the easiest chores to implement since it's not usually a daily chore.

kids do laundry

How to start a laundry system with your kids:

    1. Give your child a laundry basket or plastic crate of their very own for their dirty clothes.

    2. Assign one day a week for your child to take their dirty clothes to the washing machine.

    3. Write instructions for how to operate your washer and dryer and tape it onto the washer.

    4. Put "laundry" on their chore chart so they see it and can remember to do it without a reminder.

As with any and all of the household daily chores discussed here, you will need to help them the first several (or more!) times as they are learning this routine .

In our family each child does his laundry on the same day they make (or help make) dinner , just so I can remember more easily.

If you want to get organized and to help your kids get responsible, start with laundry. It's an easy first step and the payoff is huge! Good luck!

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