Tie Kids Allowance to Extra Chores for a win-win!

So with kids allowance should you give a fixed amount or do you tie it to chores completion?

Our answer is yes, both.

child allowance money

Deciding how much money to give is up to you. We give a base allowance based on how old they are—it's pretty minimal, actually. This amount is just minimal spending money-—but the kids have the opportunity to earn more money for doing extra jobs around the house. These extra house cleaning jobs can be regular, but once they're agreed upon, then it becomes an expectation. This is a great way to teach kids about money .

The basic chores that our kids do are non-negotiable. The base allowance that our kids receive is so minimal that if given the choice I'm sure they would rather just forget the allowance if they could also forget the chores. Instead, they have the opportunity to earn more for extra, non-regular jobs.

Sometimes, it's a one-time deal, and I make an offer to the nearest kid, asking if they'd be willing to do such and such job for such and such pay. Remember that offering an extra job for extra money is voluntary! They can say no and it is back to being your problem.

If they say yes (woo hoo!) I offer an amount up front. I use minimum wage as a rough estimate for cleaning jobs, especially if I'm not sure how long it will take.

In our family, we give the base allowance for chores done, but we do child allowance money charge for any items that had been confiscated over the course of the week if they weren't put away.

So considering the repo deductions and keeping track of each person's allowance for chores plus extra work, this may seem like a lot to keep track of.

You're right!

I had the philosophy in place, but it became an organizational and logistical challenge trying to juggle all these factors:

  • remembering each kid's base amount of allowance
  • deducting money for "buying back" confiscated items
  • calculating extra money earned for extra chores

literally kept me from success for years. It took me a long time to develop a system to keep track of it all that made all those pieces fit together in an easy way that I can remember to do.

Kid's chores and kids allowance fit together perfectly, and you implement this system consistently, it's a great motivator for your child.

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