Everyone wants to know
how to motivate kids...
here's the secret:

I used to struggle with how to motivate kids, maybe you do too. I think we can agree on one thing: nagging doesn't work at all and just gets mom more frustrated. I finally realized a secret about motivating kids: the more ownership I took over a problem, the less ownership my kids took, and vice versa.

This epiphany is an important component of the Love and Logic philosophy which you can learn about in books and classes, by the way—they will change your parenting!

Anyway, so I clearly defined my expectations for my kids to clean and pick up their stuff, and (hee hee!) I waited for them to blow it. Here is what I did, which ultimately taught us all how to motivate kids:

I explained that whenever my kids did not do a certain task (like if they opted out of Family Fifteen or if they did a lousy job with cleaning I would take care of it.

Wait, WHAT?

That's what I said. Do you happen to know how much maids make per hour?? Well, it's a lot. My personal rate is lower, and I told my kids that I'm available to work at an hourly rate of $20 (which is less than a professional, by the way).

bandana mom

So that is how to motivate kids, if you can benefit from my experience. Natural consequences, no nagging, ultimately motivating kids. Please check out the Love and Logic materials—they influence and inspire much of my philosophy, and now my kids are motivated to do their work (well, most of the time :)

I found a little red bandana I put it on. I looked like a cross between Little Red Riding Hood and Aunt Jemima. Anyway, I explained that when they saw me wearing my red bandana, I was working for pay. That's right. No nagging, no reminders, just a visual reminder, and by then it's too late. Believe me, it didn't happen more than twice before my kids snapped into action.

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