Kids cleaning = green cleaning!

Green cleaning is important for a lot of environmental reasons, but kids are doing the cleaning, it's crucial to their safely. Sometimes I get in a mood where I don't feel something is clean unless I get to squirt something, but it's important to remember that in many cases, just water can be good enough in many cases when kids are cleaning.

The risk of breathing in toxic fumes from common household cleaners is high, and they are more damaging to smaller bodies.

With older, more responsible kids, they might be ready for some mild cleaners, but go for non toxic products, like vinegar . I have several other favorite cleaners , and kid friendly cleaning supplies , depending on the job. In the bathroom, for example, I decided to get rid of my toilet brush because it's just not sanitary and there is a more sanitary way to clean the toilet .

With young kids just learning how to clean, it's important to be safe. Your goal is for kids to feel involved and start learning how to clean not to pass the white glove treatment! Remember to modify your expectations and not require professional results. Use water when you can, which is actually quite a lot! It is sufficient to use just water to clean:

  • Counters
  • windows
  • floors
  • bathroom vanity
  • dustable items

For regular cleaning of those places, using just water is good enough. Avoiding harsh chemicals is important for the environment and also the health of your family.

Green cleaning also involves minimizing exposure to nasty germs, which can live for a long time on our cleaning supplies! Gross! This is why I use rags (I don't use sponges anymore!) micro cloths, and for the floor we use a Libman mop system. Anything I use to clean I either throw into the washing machine on a temperature of 140 degrees, or I use something disposable, like cleaning wipes. That means no sponges, and no toilet brush.

For a clean house, you don't need a bunch of products. With kids cleaning, stay safe and start small. Use water when you can, and choose non toxic products for the rest. You won't be disappointed!

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