You need green cleaning products
when cleaning with kids...
but which ones?

There are so many green cleaning supplies and green cleaning products on the market today, many of them not so eco friendly. The word "green" is not really regulated, so check the label carefully and do your research before you buy. I avoid these in favor of gentler options. When cleaning with kids, I'm sure we can agree that safety comes first, but what to choose?

People are making a killing on all these new green cleaning products. Some of them are great! And some of them are a waste of money.

I find that only a few items, including just water, clean all the surfaces in my home just fine, thank you very much. This is important when cleaning with kids. In fact, we pretty much use only four things to clean the entire house:

  • Bon Ami cleanser

  • generic cleaning wipes

  • "Red Juice" or any gentle all-purpose cleaner


    There is plenty on the market, but here are the cleaning products I use when cleaning with kids:

    Green products for cleaning the bathroom:

  • vanity: clean team red juice

  • sink: Bon Ami cleanser (or you could use baking soda)

  • floor: sweep/vacuum most of the time, red juice occasionally

  • faucets: just water

  • mirror: just water

  • toilet top: cleaning wipes

  • toilet bowl: Bon Ami cleanser with cleaning wipes, for disinfecting, I then squirt vinegar, then hydrogen peroxide

  • tub: Bon Ami cleanser

  • shower walls: Bon Ami cleanser

  • shower curtain: (I do wash and spray some bleach on here)

  • tub: Bon Ami cleanser

  • Green products for cleaning the kitchen:

  • countertop: clean team red juice

  • sink: Bon Ami cleanser

  • floor: sweep, then mop with water most of the time, occasionally red juice

  • cabinets: clean team red juice

  • Green products for cleaning windows:

  • I just use water for cleaning all windows

  • Green products for cleaning floors:

  • we have different flooring surfaces, but for regular cleaning, just a damp rag (just water) is good enough

  • Green products for doing laundry:

  • I have tried several laundry: products and am not really able to recommend anything that really cleans and also is safe

  • Green products for dusting:

  • just a little water for most things

  • Older kids who might be using any cleansers or sprays can minimize breathing it in by dampening a rag instead of spraying onto a surface. If you have different cleaners, make sure they're well labeled, maybe in different colored spray bottles. Never mix your own cleaners!

    So when you're cleaning with kids choose non toxic cleaning products, either green cleaning products or just water alone. Remember that your main goal is not a perfectly clean result, but rather a fun way for your kids to contribute to the household safely.

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