The Fly Lady :
can she help you reach your goal to declutter?

Who doesn't love the Fly Lady ? If you aren't familiar with this queen of declutter, and could benefit from having a mentor or coach as close as your computer screen, you should check her out right now. I will wait for you here.

I have several favorite parts of the Fly Lady philosophy and practice. First, she understands that the clutter that builds in a home is a constant assault. To really declutter requires constant vigilance and work to stay on top of it. She is totally non-judgmental and I see her as a declutter coach!

I am not a full fledged “Fly Baby,” but here are some practices that I have been able to incorporate into my days:

1. Clean your sink before you go to bed
That means you have to wash the dishes, people! I love waking up to a clean kitchen, so it is worth the extra time to make this happen. It sets the tone for a clean and organized house for the day. It might not stay that way, but it's a start!

2. Chose your clothes before you go to bed
There is something very satisfying about waking up and being ready for the day. I don't know why this small step is so much more effective for me at night – maybe because I can take the time to think about it when I'm not rushed.

3. Weekly Blessing of the Home
This means a specific weekly basic cleaning, which is not wh I love it. I love the wording. I need to remember that I want to have a clean and organized home not primarily for company, but for myself and for my family. Those words remind me to honor our family space.

4. Hot spots
The Fly Lady knows (and so do you and I) that there are places in your home that just attract clutter. It's not your fault! But you do need to devote some time to address the problem.

5. The 27 Fling Boogie
Do you have more things than you need or use in your home? I know I do, and the 27 Fling Boogie is where you just go through your house and pick up 27 random things and get rid of them. Give them to charity, whatever-- just get rid of them.

6. House zones
I have divided my house into zones for my kids to keep clean. The idea of breaking down the house into manageable chunks works well for involving kids.

7. What's for dinner?
I've seen this on her Facebook page. Every day she'll send a message asking the question. Well do you know what's for dinner? When we have a well planned menu with the groceries already bought for the week, my days go so much smoother. For me, menu planning is the hub of everything, and cooking with kids is a big part of our week.

So you too can declutter with the Fly Lady! Those are the nuggets that I have mostly incorporated into my routine. If you subscribe to her website, I have found that the quantity of emails can be overwhelming for me. That's probably why I'm not a real “Fly Baby,” but for some people, it's like a quick email reminder from a friend to clean your hot spot, or to figure out what's for dinner. Anyway, she is a great resource—take a peek!

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