Plan a Family Fun Night!
Here are your best ideas to get started:

Why have a family fun night? Are you looking for ways to have fun together as a family? Are you tired of having the majority of your time be nagging and arguing? Here's something to look forward to!

We started a family fun night several years ago and it has become a weekly staple. There are lots of things you can do, but the important thing is to have some consistent things that kids can expect. I think most people appreciate rituals, big or small.

As families get more and more busy with kid activities, dinner on the go, and overworked parents, time together gets cut out of the day. Most families don't even have dinner together anymore.

Do what you can to make some family time in your week.

If you are beginning to implement a chore system , celebrate your successes (and come together with frustrations too) with family time. So what are some ideas for a family fun night? You only need two things! Let's get started:

  • Fun Food
  • We make pizza (well, my awesome husband does) but you could do take out, or do something totally silly, like breakfast for dinner. Sometimes the goofy ideas are the ones that stick and are the ones kids remember.

  • Fun Activities
  • We alternate between family game night and family movie night. Regardless of which night it is, we always start the evening with a game of Sardines.

    Sardines is so fun! And the best part is you don't need any stuff to do it. Think of the game as the opposite of hide-and-seek, where one person hides and the rest of the family counts in a room. The goal is for each person to find the hidden person and cram into their hiding spot with them. By the time the last person finds the group, everyone else is crammed in with the hidden person like...well, you know. Remember, goofy is fun! Browse educational games for kids for your family to enjoy.

    If finances permit, you could go out to a movie, or out to dinner, or out to ice cream, or to mini golf, or wherever! The point is that it doesn't really matter what you do or where you go as long as you're having fun together and it's a family night that kids can look forward to.

I don't need to remind you that you can use this evening as some leverage with chores , right? It's easy to say, “We'll start as soon as you're done with homework/done with chores/done picking up your toys,” is an easy no nagging way to motivate kids.

Go ahead and plan a with your family! As the kids get older and more busy, this ritual will keep the family strong!

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