No one wants to think about a dirty toilet,
but since you're here, let's talk...

Think about it: toilets are dirty. Cleaning a dirty toilet is a dirty job. Toilet brushes are disgusting. There's no getting around that. I used to use a conventional toilet brush, but then I read How Clean is Your House, a book by Kim Woodburn and Aggie MacKenzie based on the BBC television show. These ladies bring up an important point about cleaning the toilet that changed the way I clean, and the way I teach my kids to clean.

Using the toilet brush isn't really the problem. It's storing it. Think of the material on that brush after you use it in a dirty toilet and how it accumulates-- even if you swish it – and how that thing just sits there in the corner of your bathroom. As if it's a clean tool to use the next time! Even if you rinse it with vinegar or bleach (does anyone even really do that?) And does a toilet really get clean with a dirty brush? Not really. So I threw away my toilet brush and I bought new gloves and a container of disinfecting wipes. When kids are cleaning , the less toxic the better, so I recommend green cleaning wipes or even baby wipes.

So now I put my gloves on, put in my regular toilet bowl cleaner (I like a powder like Bon Ami), take one of my handy disinfecting wipes and scrub the toilet bowl. What? Yes! I mean I get my (gloved!) hand down in there and I clean that thing! When I'm done, I just flush the wipe (there are biodegradable brands) and then I'm done. No germs in the corner, and I'm all set for next time. I do like to spray vinegar and then hydrogen peroxide on the gloves and in the bowl.

Believe me, this is a much more sanitary way to clean the toilet because there's no nasty brush lurking in the corner of the bathroom. The toilet is bad enough, but the toilet brush itself can be a breeding ground for all kinds of germs and bacteria. If it sits in a plastic (i.e. no ventilation!) container, mold can be a problem. Gross! There are new products now with disposable heads and bleach infused contraptions, but think of the expense of that compared to just a container of disinfecting wipes! It's really all you need.

If I haven't convinced you yet to get rid of your toilet brush, do it for environmental reasons. If you think about it, cleaning with disinfecting wipes is also a more green way to clean because you're cleaning with just a wipe and cleaner, with no plastic contraption that would (hopefully) have been replaced regularly.

So, please consider throwing away your toilet brush. If you are teaching your kids to clean the toilet, it's important to minimize germs. Buys some gloves, cleaner and wipes and you are good to go! Kiss your dirty toilet goodbye! Well, that didn't really come out right, but you know what I mean.

So what do YOU think?

Is the idea of getting rid of your toilet brush great or gross?

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Emmykay Not rated yet
Great idea am doing similar technique with paper towels, clorOx and organic liquid soap

More gross than great Not rated yet
I think children may be more likely to come in contact with germs by putting their hands in the bowl, gloved or not, due to splashes and breathing fumes …

GREAT! Not rated yet
I have always thought this way too ~ However, I find myself not finding the best way to scrub a dub...Especially here in Mexico, below the tropic of cancer, …

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