Cooking with kids
lets kids shine in the kitchen...

Cooking with kids can be super frustrating in the beginning. It can also be amazingly rewarding in a short time.

Think about it: food is such an important part of family life. Who will cook it? Who will clean up? cooking with kids What's for dinner? Cooking with kids gives them the opportunity to own some of those answers, and provides an opportunity for kids to contribute to the household and actually help the family! I don't know about you, but in our family, the menu planning is the hub of our entire household. If I don't know what's for dinner when I get up in the morning and who is cooking it, my whole day can sort of deteriorate.

Food is also an important part of raising healthy kids, and family meal time can be an important anchor in your children's lives. Kids that cook are also more likely to be healthy kids. If, on top of that, you can give your kids the chance to proudly serve the family a meal that they cooked themselves, you'll see first-hand how motivated kids are when they are allowed to help with the cooking.

Letting kids cook in the kitchen needs to be done safely, of course. After all, the kitchen is full of sharp knives and dangerously hot appliances. You can't just turn a four-year-old loose in there, of course. Furthermore, you can't expect a teenager to suddenly know how to cook safely or proficiently just because they're old enough. It takes experience to become a good cook, and they can't get that experience safely without your help. So how can you help your kids learn to cook? Here are 8 tips to teach kids to cook. Teaching kids how to cook can be rewarding when you approach it with patience and preparation. Try it! Having my kids cook several nights of the week was a huge relief of my household duties. Check out some of our favorite meal ideas for kids . It is definitely worth the learning curve!

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