Kid friendly cleaning supplies
are must haves for to get kids cleaning!

When choosing cleaning supplies for kids, safety comes first, especially with the actual products I use. The second factor I consider when choosing supplies for my kids to use is their ease and convenience for kids. I also want to minimize unneccesary contact with nasties, which, I will tell you now, sometimes trumps the green cleaning thing.

Anyway, here are the main cleaning supplies my kids use:

mop with removable, washable cloth part: I feel really strongly about being able to wash the mop after every use. We use the Libman system, which I found at the grocery store. The Clean Team also has a removable mop head that you can wash easily.

  • vacuum
    mine isn't great; it's pretty basic...

  • rags (not sponges!)
    Cleaning sponges spread more germs that they remove. Sure, you can microwave them to sanitize them, and all that, but that's too much work. I use cut up towel rags, probably 5 a day, then toss them into the wash. Easy and more sanitary.

  • Plastic scrubbie:
    Okay, here's an example of the kids trumping green cleaning: plastic is not green, obviously, but since my priority is making cleaning with kids easier, I use them.

  • toothbrush:
    My kids love using a toothbrush to clean things! Even if they only use it for the cabinet doors or....whatever! I am teaching them to pay attention to the little details.

  • old sock for dusting:
    This is another easy kid helper aid. Just moisten an old sock and send a child into the living room in search of dust. In my house it doesn't take long to find.

  • magic sponge:
    I don't really understand how this thing works, but it's great in certain circumstances, like with my 5 year old drew on the wall with crayon. He was able to fix his own problem, which was a Good Thing.

  • micro cloths: I actually don't use these much because my ragged towel bits seem to suffice, but I want to mention them because they are a great green cleaning tool, and can work well with no cleaner at all.

  • disposable cleaning wipes:
    Another “not really green” supply. They are used in the bathroom for wiping the counter, and even the toilet (obviously with gloves)...I have my kids use them because they like to clean with them, they're easy to use, and the germs get tossed. For young cleaners, those things are super important.

Consider your kids first when choosing cleaning supplies. Keep it simple, easy and convenient to keep kids cleaning!

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