Teach your kids
to clean with vinegar...
(here's why)

So you want to learn how to clean with vinegar? You would be amazed at how many uses there are for vinegar in household cleaning! It's neither toxic nor expensive, and you probably have some in your cabinet right this minute.

Have you ever noticed how the cleaning aisle at the grocery store smells? I can hardly stand to walk down that aisle, and it doesn't matter since there are only four “cleaners” that I buy. That's why I have started to use vinegar more and more – I love the fresh its tart smell as opposed to that fresh! scent! that you smell in most packages, soaps, powders and spray bottles.

From deodorizing to gunk removal, get ready to meet your new best friend. Best of all, since it's non toxic, your kids can use it too! Using this simple, available, inexpensive, non toxic ingredient, it's easy to be green .

Not only invaluable for cooking , vinegar has many medicinal qualities and is a powerful antibactierial and disinfectant. There are many different kinds of vinegar, but I like to use regular distilled white vinegar for my cleaning.

You won't believe how many uses there are for vinegar in household cleaning ! Give it a try and know that you are giving your kids a safe, effective cleaner, and you're saving money at the same time!

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