You can clean windows with vinegar
it's easy!

Did you know that you can clean windows with vinegar? There is no need for harsh chemicals for this spring cleaning job. Knowing how to clean windows can save you a lot of money! With these four steps you can learn how to clean windows without a lot of unnecessary cleaning products.

You can easily clean windows with vinegar for economic and environmental reasons. With these four easy steps you can learn how to clean windows without any harsh chemicals. When you get the urge to do some serious Spring cleaning, this is a great first step because clean windows makes a huge difference in your home. This is a dreaded chore for most people, but the truth is that it's not that difficult or time consuming.
Knowing how to clean windows with vinegar can save of money and also the planet. Have you seen how much professional companies charge? Nevertheless, you can say goodbye to the dirt and grime on the inside and outside of the glass windows in your home in just a few easy steps. You don't even need any harsh chemicals. Here's how to get started:

Supplies you need:

  • 2 plastic dish tubs
  • cotton rags
  • dish soap
  • white distilled vinegar


Assemble your cotton rags and soap and vinegar. Fill up one plastic tub with warm or hot water and then add a squirt of dish soap and white vinegar. For every 2 cups of water, add 1/4 cup of white distilled vinegar. Fill the other tub with cold water.

How to clean windows with vinegar

The process is identical for cleaning exterior windows as with interior windows. With exterior windows, you may need a little more scrubbing and a little more liquid dish soap in your warm water mixture to clean the actual dirt that gets blown onto your glass windows and surrounding trim. The interior part of the window is more likely to have smudges and hand prints, which aren't really that hard to remove.

1. Wash the handles and tracks using a wet rag.

2. Wet a cotton rag in the warm soapy vinegar water, ring it out (thoroughly to prevent drips) and wipe the entire surface of the glass window. Depending on the amount of dirt and grime, this may require some elbow grease. Start at the top of the window and move down.

3. Wet a second cotton rag with just water from the non-soapy plastic tub, ring it out and rinse the area you have just scrubbed.

4. Take a third dry cotton rag and thoroughly wipe dry the entire glass area. Streaks result from wet residue, so wipe and keep wiping until the surface is absolutely dry. You will need to switch out this rag for a fresh dry one when it starts to get damp.

Pro tip: If you're worried about streaks, you can wipe in a vertical strokes on one side of the glass and horizontal strokes on the other so that you can identify the source of the streaks should they appear.

Continue these four steps for each window. Your actual window panes may be removable, so check your system. Vacuuming the track and the screen itself is also recommended annually.

When you clean windows with vinegar, you improve the appearance of your home with zero toxic impact on the environment. Are you ready to take on this household chore that most people either hire out for a lot of money, or ignore completely? Imagine having clear, shiny windows with no nasty chemicals in just a short time! Good luck with your Spring cleaning!

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