Chores for teens?
Where's the list?

Looking for chores for teens? The list is endless. Teenagers are close to becoming adults, and the more you do now to foster their independence, the more ready they will be. Giving your teen responsibilities not only helps you with the household chores, but it also teaches them important life skills. You are teaching them how to cook, clean, take care of a home. You are teaching them how to be an adult.

Unlike the age appropriate chores for younger kids, I don't have any additional jobs for teenagers that are not on prior lists (except maybe mowing the lawn or using other equipment). This is because I truly believe that with clear expectations and support, teenagers can perform just about any household chore that an adult would do. If your teenager isn't used to having expectations placed upon him or her, this may take some time. Do make sure you teach them and show them what to do (this is where I rely on my checklists and work together.

Whether we like it or not, our teenagers are nearly adults. They are extremely capable and often desire to demonstrate their independence and responsibility. As with preteens, this is also an age where kids may feel like they want to belong to a group. Show them that they are an asset to the family team by expecting them to contribute to the family. Just about anything that you yourself would need to do for the household can be done by your capable teen. Try it! Your teenager won't let you down!

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