Follow these three tips when starting
chores for preschoolers!

If you are researching chores for preschoolers, congratulations! You can implement a chore system at any age, but the younger you start the better! Using a picture chore chart , even a 2 -year old can learn that he or she is expected to put toys away at the end of the day, or put clothes in a hamper. As with everything, consistency is important and building expectations into a routine will make success come easier.

At this young age, we started with the “personal” chores for preschoolers (where the child takes care of their own belongings) as opposed to “contributing to the family” chores. We've outlined some age appropriate guidelines Creating the expectation was our first step. Even when our kids were little, we had them clean up as a part of our bedtime routine Thirty years ago I first heard the adage, “a place for everything and everything in it's place.” It really made an impression on me! Nowadays I often put my present day cleaning- or clutter- challenges though an ancient lense, and then the answers come to me. So learn from our mistakes and follow these tips:

    1. Things have to have a home
    What? Isn't that obvious? Maybe, but it's easier said than done. In our household, junky areas seem to happen when there's no “home” for something. Look around at some of your “hot spots” or clutter areas. You've seen the bumper sticker, “There is no away,” right? Well it's the same for the junk on my kitchen counter right now.

    2. Things have to be contained
    They sell all kinds of cute things to organize stuff. You could buy color coordinated baskets, or plastic crates, or shelving for books. You could even get really meticulous and label everything, which I actually recommend. Prereaders would need pictures, of course. We took the cheap-o route and just got plastic dishbins and wrote on them with permanent markers.

    3. Things should be kept to a minimum
    If you declutter extra toys and clothes now, it's a lot easier for kids to put everything away. As a culture, we now have more possessions than ever before in history. No wonder it's impossible to keep it all tidy and clean! No wonder some kids don't appreciate it all! Think how much easier a child's room would be to keep tidy and organized if there were about fifty percent less stuff. Try it!

    If you are just beginning your journey toward an organized home with kids, congratulations! These three tips can get you started with your chores for preschoolers. Then, move on to chore charts and learn about other chores to involve your kids!

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