Try these chores
for 8 year olds and 9 year olds :

There are many age appropriate chores for 8 year olds or 9 year olds. Remember to modify your expectations , give them support and tools...most kids can handle it. Why have them do chores at all?

Well, the benefits of having your kids do chores include:

  • kids learn important skills
  • your household chore list is lightened (eventually!)

The following list is a guideline for some chores for your school aged child. The grey items are age appropriate chores that even younger kids could do, and you can see that kids at this age are extremely capable and usually willing to contribute to the family:

    Taking care of themselves:
  • Get dressed
  • Brush hair
  • Brush teeth (with supervision)
  • Tie shoes
  • Take bath or shower
  • Taking care of their stuff:

  • Hang up coat
  • Put shoes away
  • Put their dirty clothes in a hamper
  • Put their toys away
  • Hang up backpack
  • Clean their room pretty independently
  • Make their bed
  • Do their laundry with help
  • Switch wet clean laundry into dryer
  • Put away folded laundry
  • Put clean socks into balls
  • Do their laundry pretty independently
  • Fold their clean clothes
  • Helping cook:

  • Help with meal prep
  • Help stir
  • Help wash vegetables
  • Dumping a bowl of cut items into another bowl or a pan
  • Stir at the stove with supervision
  • Cook for the family with help
  • Make lunch
  • Cook for the family with little help
  • Helping clean up in the kitchen:

  • Wipe sink
  • Put napkins on table
  • Clear table (maybe use a “bus bin”)
  • Put away silverware
  • Put dirty dishes in a “bus bin”
  • Take dirty dishes to sink
  • Set table properly
  • Place dirty dishes in dishwasher
  • Rinse dish before putting it into the dishwasher
  • Wash dishes in sink
  • Unload dishwasher with some help
  • Other cleaning jobs:

  • Dust furniture
  • Wipe bathroom sink and counter (even with water)
  • Sweep their room, or vacuum with help
  • Clean toilet with gloves
  • Wash windows with water (the trick here is teaching them to wipe the window until it's all the way dry)
  • Other random chores:

  • Empty trash baskets
  • Put pet food in dish with help
  • Water plants
  • Brush animals
  • Bring in the mail
  • Bring in a light bag of groceries
  • Help with light yard work
  • Empty their trash into a larger bag to take out
  • Change animal water bowl
  • Anything you can think of that seems right for your child!

If you take the time to teach your kids how to contribute to the household, you will lighten your load considerably! There are tons of chores for 8 year olds and 9 year olds. If you have clear expectations and give genuine praise and appreciation, and implement these chores consistently , kids will usually step up. Raising responsible kids starts at any age, so get the team started!

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