Kids can check it off
with chore charts and checklists

Want to learn more about using children's chore charts to build a happier, more organized family? Read on...

Since you're here, I'm going to guess that we share a goal...well, two goals: first is to have a cleaner and more organized home. The second is to not have to do all the required chores yourself.

I don't think those goals are crazy OCD or anything, but it turned out to be a lot harder than I thought it would be.

How shocked I was when I had kids! I discovered that getting kids to do chores is not as easy as the Country Bunny made it seem! Every family I knew was struggling with the same issues, or just accepting the chaos and mess. I found myself struggling too and I realized that I had no tools to...

  • teach my kids what I expected them to do
  • get them to actually do it
  • heck, even remember what I had asked them to do!

This was a setback, but I still had the goal (a clean house despite the kids, and not having to be Superwoman to do it). Over time, I created a system of house cleaning checklists for daily and weekly household chores. These printable chore charts have provided the structure my own school-aged kids needed to:

  • do their own laundry
  • clean a part of the house
  • do their homework (of course!)
  • cook dinner once a week much more, and yours can, too!

So who benefits from using a chore chart or checklists?

Kids do. They...

  • ...have a clear understanding of your expectations, so they have an easier time doing what you've asked them to.
  • ...have real incentives to meet those expectations, because your chore charts link their responsibilities to allowance, free time, and so on.

And you do. You...

  • ...don't have to make the choice between having a clean house and having kids
  • ...are teaching your kids how to be capable adults
  • ...are teaching your kids how to manage their time
  • ...are cultivating responsibility and dependability in your kids
  • ...don't go crazy trying to do everything for everybody
  • ...don't have to play the bad guy all the time
  • ...have more quality time with your family

Once you have the tools, you can figure out your routine. You might benefit from reading some suggestions to encourage a reluctant child without nagging.

Whether you parent preschoolers or teens, whether you are a homeschool mom, a stay at home mom, or a working mother, (heck, you might even be a dad!) these free, printable checklists and chore lists are fully customizable to your needs, so what do you have to lose? Nothing but the mess and frustration!

You can get started now with this free pdf file that you can customize with up to ten tasks and print for your family.

Good luck and have fun!

Which chores are you ready to delegate to your kids?
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