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Everyone needs a camping checklist to ensure they pack everything they need for an outdoor adventure. Whether you're headed up to the back country in the mountains or just to a park, your level of preparedness will directly impact the level of fun, especially when kids are involved.

The challenge is including everything you need even though available space is at a minimum. Whether you're car camping or tent camping, you need to make careful choices. Don't let an accidental forgotten item ruin your tent camping or car camping experience with your family.

This list includes gear and clothes necessary for Spring, Summer or Fall excursions, either car camping or tent camping. For backcountry camping, you'd need additional supplies.

When you go camping, you don't have much space. This list is great for any car camping experience, where you're limited to what you can pack into your vehicle, but where you can't afford to omit anything important. Here's your camping checklist that includes gear and clothes.

When camping with kids, being prepared is even more crucial. All it takes is a few forgotten warm clothes or emergency supplies and a fun adventure can easily turn into a dangerous one. Also make sure you know what is in a first aid kit and a car emergency kit --pack them both before you go.

If you have space at home, consider keeping a set of camping supplies packed and ready to go. Any amount of packing that you don't have to do before your trip will save you time. If you are car camping, consider using small set of plastic drawers for keeping some of your camping supplies permanently organized.

Things to include in your drawers might be:

  • dish towel
  • travel case of baby wipes
  • bar of soap (travel size if you have it)
  • string to use as a clothesline
  • clothespins
  • plastic bowls (color coordinated for each person if possible!)
  • silverware (keep an entire set in here permanently)
  • sun stick
  • bug spray
  • sunscreen
  • plastic scrubbie

One of the drawers can even double as your wash bin! It's a convenient way to always have what you need and to stay organized.

And don't forget to do the following before you leave home for a camping trip:


  • Water plants
  • Write note for pet sitter?
  • E-mail family
  • Charge batteries (camera, lanterns)
  • Cancel milk, newspaper
  • Freeze milk
  • Freeze juice
  • Pack coolers
  • Fill water bottles
  • Unplug stuff

Camping with kids is a great way to experience the great outdoors with your little ones. Stay prepared with a camping checklist to make sure everyone has a great time from start to finish.

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