Got bored kids?  Help is on the way!

It's summer vacation and you've got bored kids.  What to do?  Check out the first three tips and then read on...a fun filled summer is just around the corner if you know what to do...

Surviving Summer Tip #4: Let the kids earn some extra money and do some extra housework

Got weeds? Could the fridge benefit from a wipedown? How about wash the car? Every household has those extra jobs that never seem to get done. Luckily for you, there are small people in your very house that would probably be willing to do those jobs for a little spending money. I don't consider this related to allowance; rather I offer extra money for extra jobs.

This arrangement is a win-win-win because the job gets done, the child gets some cash, and you can even enjoy a moment of peace while your busy bees are working.

Surviving Summer Tip #5: Try out some new chores
during the summer

If your schedule allows more flexibility and less stress in the summer, consider teaching your child a new skill or chore. Use the summer to practice and scaffold it, and then by the time the fall rolls around, they'll be able to do it independently!

This increases your child sense of responsibility and decreases your workload—YAY! What might you tackle together? Kids can do laundry, kids can clean, kids can even cook. The possibilities are endless!  Imagine what your back-to-school might look like if you could unload a few of your household chores? 

Surviving Summer Tip #6: Head off sibling rivalary
before it starts

Sibling behavior problems stem from many places.  After bored kids, siblings with feelings of inferiority or insecurity can be next on the list. Fortunately, there is a sure fire way to strengthen your child's sense of self, and that is time with YOU.

Consider spending time on a “kid date,” where one parent has a designated time with one child. This can be as simple as making hot cocoa at home and sitting on the sofa and talking or playing a game...or going out for ice cream or even dinner. The gift of time is irreplaceable, and it provides an opportunity for your child to talk to you about any issues, or just to enjoy your company.

Surviving Summer Tip #7: Make time for YOU

This last tip is the most important! In order for you to be the best parent you can be, you need to routinely take care of yourself.  Pamper yourself. A daily treat can be a simple as enjoying a cup of coffee in peace, reading, or just doing nothing. Weekly treats might include a manicure, going out with a friend, or exercising.

As long as it feels nourishing to your spirit, it counts. Take time to breathe and appreciate the life that you've created for yourself. Appreciate your kids and family. Identify areas for growth. And just breathe. Soon you'll wonder where the summer went!

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