Age appropriate chores
are a great start to your
chore system

So what are age appropriate chores for my child? You can Google the phrase “age appropriate chores” and find any number of chore lists for kids of any age, from preschoolers to teenagers.

We think that is the wrong question to ask.

There are dozens of chores in any given household--some of them involve cleaning and some involve just a quick tidy up. Some chores you may not mind, and other chores you may loathe. Personally, I cannot stand unloading the dishwasher (so I hire my oldest to do it). How about you?

Kids, though, do need to be exposed to the all the work that is required to keep a house running for two reasons:

  • they will have their own home someday (hopefully!)
  • you shouldn't have to do all the work yourself

Of course your child might be ready for a certain chore earlier or later—use your own parental judgement. You can also modify the actual expectations of a certain job so that it would be a more age appropriate chore for your youngster. We've also written some strategies to encourage a reluctant child . That said, here are some lists that have recommended guidelines for age appropriate chores for preschoolers, grade schoolers and teens.

Younger kids are really just “helping” (not really helping!) for the purpose of instilling the expectation of family contribution and personal accountability, and also modelling that doing chores together can be fun.

Chores for Early Preschoolers (Ages 2 – 3)
Kids at this age want to feel "big" and help the family! It does mean a little more "help" on your part, but in the long run, it's worth it.

Chores for Preschoolers (Ages 4 – 5)
Kids at this age may have been exposed to chores if they have been in a traditional school setting. Kids love to help and feel a part of a bigger group.

Early school-aged kids (Ages 6 - 7)
Kids at this age are extremely capable. The list of chores that they are able to do keeps growing!

School-aged kids (Ages 8 - 9)
Kids at this age just need clear expectations and some modelling. Don't be a perfectionist and instead give them praise for the work they do.

Chores for Preteens (Ages 10 - 12)
Before our very eyes, kids at this age are getting more and more capable. The list of household chores that your kids can do keeps on growing! You won't believe what they can do...

Chores for Teens
Kids at this age are nearing adulthood and can do pretty much any household chore that you might do.
Consider this list of age appropriate chores just a beginning! Good luck getting started!

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