Add a Facebook fan box to your website
and start making Facebook work for YOU

(here's the right code for 2011)

Add a Facebook Fan Box or Badge with faces to your website and start making Facebook work for YOU

You can add a Facebook Fan Box with faces or Facebook Badge to your website, but they don't make it easy anymore. I scoured the internet for hours looking for the html code and found some helpful blog entries, but it was the wrong code to have the faces show up.

Facebook now uses the button word “like” instead of “become a fan.” Page owners used to be able to get the code to promote their Facebook page with the click of a button, but no longer. Don't you hate it when outdated information comes up on a Google search? It drives me crazy. Furthermore, I don't know why Facebook is making it so hard for me to promote...Facebook! I'm thinking Jerry Maguire here: “help me help you!” Come on, now, people! They've even disabled their own Help page about Badges and Fan Boxes.

So here's the right code as of January 2011 that will give you a fan box and show faces:

    <iframe src="" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" style="border:none; overflow:hidden; width:292px; height:587px;" allowTransparency="true"></iframe>

Please note that when you insert your Facebook username, you do NOT enter the www dot facebook part! Just enter the part after the forward slash.

If you don't use social media to promote your own website or blog, you are missing out! Facebook and Twitter offer free marketing to millions of potential customers and viewers to your content or product. It's also an easy way to contact people who have are interested in your website or blog and encourage them to come back and visit.

You can also accomplish this with an opt in regular email, newsletter or e-magazine, but Facebook is so ubiquitous that people are more likely to click a Like Box than to submit their email to your e-zine list. The Facebook icon is everywhere, so you can just add a Facebook fan box and you're all set. All they need to do is to click the blue thumbs up icon on your site and they'll automatically become a fan of your Facebook page and receive your updates.

Whatever you post on your Facebook Page wall will show up to your fans. Everytime you upload a new page on your website, or make a new blog entry, put a link on your Facebook page wall and all your “fans” will see it on their newsfeed. You can do this automatically through Networked Blogs. It's easy and sends you free traffic!

Another way to promote your website or blog through Facebook is by adding a Like Button, which doesn't add them to your Facebook page, but the link that they choose to “like” then shows up as a post on their wall and is visible to their friends and connections, who can then find you if they're interested.
Can you start to see the potential? The code for a Like Button is much easier to find if you Google it. The official Facebook Developers site will come up on the first page and that's what I use.

Now that you know how to add a Facebook fan box with faces, you can start making Facebook work for you and your business. Good luck using social media as you build your business! Facebook is taking over the world, but you can get on board.

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