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It's November! Get READY!
November 03, 2013

Organized Mom-Zine

November Edition 2013

Wow! Here we are in November, three weeks until Thanksgiving, and then...well, you know what's next. Are you ready for it? Me neither. But let's go through this together so that we can hit the ground running and prepare for a fulfilling and low-stress holiday season!

I've dedicated this entire issue to planning for the holidays...and no, I don't mean a bunch of printables and worksheets to keep you organized...There are things you can do right now to lay the foundation with your family near and far to support your peaceful holiday season.

Ready? Here we go.

Let's start with the basics.

Christmas commercials
are right around the corner, and marketers are targeting your children. It's up to you to innoculate them against the gimme! gimme! gimme! attitude that most kids adopt during this time. Whatever their age, you can teach them now about money and how it affects the holiday season.

The next step is to get your HOUSE ready...and I'm not talking about a bunch of cleaning checklists, either. My motto is you don't have to clean (or clean around) what you don't have, so now is the time to DECLUTTER.

Try these four strategies to declutter the entire house. Declutter with the kids, and use it as an incentive for making space for other things. Donate gently used or outgrown items to a local charity. Kids get a sense of what's important by choosing what they're ready to discard, the charity receives some goods, and your house is decluttered. It's a win-win-win!

The last tip in this issue is about what the kids look forward to most, and what many parents dread the most: too many presents.

This is especially difficult if relatives are far away, and/or if there are multiple sets of grandparents and other gift givers. Presents become an emotional bargaining tool and you pay the price.

If your well-intentioned relatives shower material gifts onto your kids and home, it can be a problem in a number of ways.

First, kids develop a sense of entitlement and privilege with each package that goes under the tree. The value and thought behind each gift is diminished with each. Second, even if you decluttered your home, it's hard to find a place for every new thing, and the house ends up being a disaster zone. And let's not even talk about thank you notes. So what to do?

Here are three tips to try as you approach too-generous family members If you see or talk with extended family this Thanksgiving, explore having a gentle conversation about this topic--you'll be glad you did! Good luck!

Here's a bonus article of other holiday tips so you and your family can get ready. If you're already getting stressed out by the upcoming holidays, don't open it! I'll send it again next month. Imagine a happy and healthy holiday season! You can make it a reality by planning ahead...

Good luck!

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See you on!
:D Lorin

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