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Challenges with your Children this Summer?
July 12, 2012

Organized Mom-Zine

July 2012

Thank you for reading the July issue of the Organized Mom-Zine bringing you quick tips and support to help you get your family organized.

Summer is in full swing--it's hot out here in Colorado! I hope you and your family are staying comfortable this summer. If you are like most families, your kids are home more frequently during this time of year. As precious as this time is, summer brings additional child-challenges, doesn't it?

More kids are unsupervised for longer stretches of time during these months. Kids (and moms!) love the freedom and unstructured days that vacation affords. However, kids need to know basic stranger danger safety.. Do yours? The days of "don't talk to strangers" are over. Kids need to know how to navigate tricky situations.

School may be far from the minds of you and your kids (or maybe not!) but keep up the learning during this long break. The more time away from books your child spends this summer, the more he or she is likely to struggle in the fall. Avoid these pitfalls made by well-intentioned parents.. You don't need to stress out--no flash cards are necessary! Just follow these ten tips for success.

Okay, here's the last thing I want to share with you. If you are planning to implement any new chores systems this fall, now is the time to plan your chore charts for your family with this free checklist pdf. When the school year starts, you'll be ready to hit the ground running. Make sure you have a plan and make any changes you need right now. Whether you're ready for additional support with cleaning, cooking and laundry, you can plan checklists for your kids now while you have time.

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:D Lorin

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