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Start 2013 by getting organized!
January 25, 2013

Organized Mom-Zine

January 13

Thank you for reading the January issue of the Organized Mom-Zine bringing you quick tips and support to help you get your family organized! What are your household resolutions for 2013? In order to get organized, you first need to identify what is standing in your way.

What obstacles exist between you and your ideal life, home and family?

What are your "problem areas?" Tackle those first. Eliminate the clutter and organize the rest.

Devote five minutes a day to keeping that area tidy. Before you know it, it's habit and you can move on to a different "hot spot."

Okay, so let's move on. What resolutions your kids would make for themselves if asked?

Go ahead and ask them what they want to improve in their life.

Here are two simple guidelines for talking about goals for kids. Let the New Year be a time of reflection for everyone in the family. Start the year right by encouraging everyone to set personal goals.

Pop quiz: Look around your home. Right now. Is it spotless? If you're like most people, probably not.

Your resolutions may include housekeeping and organization goals, but remember to be gentle with yourself.

Set reasonable expectations. Attainable objectives.

Here is the kick in the pants you might find useful! Motivation plus some time plus some organizational tools will help you get back on track and stay on track.

If you are ready for a household overhaul, including delegating your household chores to your kids, this last article is for you. I'm talking about all chores.

What if your kids cooking dinner.

How awesome would it be if they did their own laundry?

Would it be too much to hope for to have them help with cleaning?

NO! These goals are within your reach. This comprehensive page can change your life...if you let it! Take a look and see if we have similar goals for our home and family...Good luck!

Okay, folks, thanks for reading, and please write us with any feedback, suggestions or content requests! Just reply to this e-zine and tell me what you think...

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See you on!
:D Lorin

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