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May 24, 2011

Organized Mom-Zine

May 2011

Welcome to the May issue of the Organized Mom-Zine bringing you tips and new content to keep you motivated!

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If you've been on the site lately, you may have seen our new e-book, titled The New SuperMom that walks you through the four steps to get you and your family organized and working together. What if $10 really could change your life?

Picky eaters
provides hands on tips to change your family's nutritional habits. Are you tired of having to cook more than one meal for the family? Learn how to make a change today.

We had a guest author contribute the article on the Family Closet, an inventive and creative solution to the challenge of keeping the family clothes and laundry organized.

Chores for ADD kids outlines strategies and rationales for giving your distractible young person chores.

Okay, folks, thanks for reading, and please write us with any feedback, suggestions or content requests! Just reply to this e-zine and tell me what you think...

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See you next month!

:D Lorin

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