Household chores are never-ending!
(are you ready to delegate?)

Are you drowning in the sea of household chores that need to be done to keep your household running smoothly? Any mom who says she has an easy time balancing it all is either lying or has paid help. From cooking to cleaning, and don't forget laundry! The list is endless, and then you do it all again tomorrow. If you have kids, the mess is compounded.

You are not alone! It's a struggle to keep your home from looking like a total disaster most of the time. Why not bring the kids on board? You are in the right place to learn how to motivate your kids to do their fair share. With the right tools, you can get started today!

  • Do you have to nag your kids to do anything around the house?

  • Is family time becoming tense?

  • Does it feel impossible to keep your house tidy for any length of time?
Try using a one of our free, customizable checklists and see how much easier it is to work as a family team. That means less work for you!

So great, kids should do their fair share. I think we can agree that kids should do chores, right? They should learn to clean up after themselves, and to develop an attitude of respect and care for their possessions? To contribute to the household? And in so doing, lighten YOUR load!

Can I get an amen? Here's how to get started involving your kids in the household routines and work.

Don't despair! The fact that you are on this page right now shows that you know what needs to be done--and the good news is that help you need is right here. Getting kids to do chores is easier than you think with the right routines and tools, so look around this site and give them a try! Let's get started!

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The organized mom doesn't do it all because she doesn't have to. Learn how to get your kids to clean up, do their laundry and even some cooking!
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Use printable chore charts to get kids involved now!
We've made free printable chore charts - reward charts, practice logs, cleaning lists and more!
Chore charts are the key to getting the kids on board to do family chores!
Getting kids to do chores is easier than you think-- try using these free printable chore charts to involve everyone in family chores!
Use a reward chart to keep track of kid chores and more!
Motivate your child by using a free printable reward chart and keep track of chores easily
Age appropriate chores for your kids
Age appropriate chores for preschoolers, school kids and teens--a great start to involve the family in household chores!
Picture your kids cleaning with a house cleaning checklist!
Put the kids to work! Use chore charts and checklists get kids cleaning today!
Six cleaning games to clean up fast --have you tried them?
Time to clean up! Six cleaning games to stop battling with your kids over chores! You <b>can</b> tidy up and have fun at the same time...
Start chores for preschoolers! Follow these three tips to get started now...
Looking for some ideas for how to start chores for preschoolers? The earlier the better, so let's get started!
Would a homeschool checklist help you keep your day organized?
A homeschool mom has to keep track of everything from curriculums to homework. Do you need a daily homeschool checklist?
Got clutter? Read these top four reasons and figure out what's holding you back
Getting rid of clutter is not as easy as people make it sound... Read these common excuses and see what you can do to get started.
You want an organized home? Here's how to declutter and get the kids on board!
Get your kids to contribute to your organized home with four strategies to get the whole family involved!
Fight paper clutter with these six tips.
Is your house drowning in junk mail, bills, kid's homework, magazines and other paper clutter? Don't despair – get organized with these six helpful suggestions.
Messy house again? Let me give you my pep talk...listen up!
Don't worry! You'll get back on track in no time. You'll get to that messy house in a minute, but here's why you shouldn't stress out...
Traveling with kids is tough if you're not prepared. Here's how to get prepared
Preparation is the key when traveling with kids. Download these free printable checklists to make sure you're ready for your next trip, big or small.
Organizing shoes is easy! Get started today with these three tips.
Tired of tripping over your kids' shoes? Here's what you need to start organizing shoes.
How to start family chores?
Interested in having family chores but not sure how to do it? Here's how to get started tonight.
Cooking with kids is worth it!
Cooking with kids is not as hard as you think--try these suggestions to get your kids involved in the household cooking!
Meal ideas for kids right here! Make it easy and keep it simple!
Help your kids learn to cook actual food that actually feeds the family! Click here for great meal ideas for kids...
Should kids do laundry? It's the first step toward involving kids in chores...
How can kids do laundry themselves? Read on--it's actually easier than you think...
Chores for ADD kids--your how-to guide
Every child can benefit from chores, especially those with additional challenges. Chores for ADD children are not hard to implement. Here's how.
No bedtime routine? Try these four ideas for a smooth evening with your kids!
A good bedtime routine is a great part of the day. It increases bonding and sibling relations, and gets kids ready for the next day--what are you waiting for?
Routines for kids involve fun as well as chores!
Everyone benefits when you've implemented routines for kids...clear expectations and fun family activities to look forward to! Here are some great ideas to get you started...
Tie kids allowance to their household chores and responsibilities
Tips on how to use kids allowance to encourage them to do their household chores
Raising responsible kids? How did we get here?
Learn from our mistakes! We have learned a thing or two about raising responsible kids.
Become a MOMpreneur and start working for yourself from home!
Are you curious to learn how easy it is to start your own home business? Become a MOMpreneur today!
Picky eaters are challenging! But kids eating healthy is an achievable goal.
Are picky eaters at home causing work and stress for you? Here's what to do:
Chores and Checklists Privacy Policy
At Chores and Checklists we value your privacy. Here is the nitty gritty.
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Making music fun for kids is easy! Try a practice music game.
End the battles over music practice by making music fun for kids.
Child safety is your number one priority! Have you considered a house alarm?
In this day and age, child safety is more important (and more challenging) than ever. A house alarm may be what you need for peace of mind.
Should kids write thank you notes? Try these six tips to make it easy and fun.
When kids write thank you notes, they learn an important life skill and they learn to appreciate the gifts they receive.
Your child won't practice music? Try a practice log
If your child won't practice their musical instrument, here's what you can do to break out of the power struggle.
Need a camping checklist? Here's what you don't want to forget.
Prepare for a great camp trip by using a camping checklist for all your needs.
Is sibling fighting driving you crazy?
Sibling fighting is a part of life, and some of it is quite normal. If kids are being hurtful by being rude or violent, it's time to intervene. Here's how.
Calculating allowance for kids is easy!
Keeping track of allowance for kids used to be complicated, but not anymore. All you need are household items to use this system!
Print a picture chore chart for your preschooler!
A picture chore chart is a great way to start a chore system with a preschooler. You can get started right away by using a simple tool.
Trying to get kids to clean? It's easy with these 8 cleaning tips!
If you want to get kids to clean, it's easier than you think--as long as you know these 8 strategies...
Chores for 5 year olds - start raising responsible kids now!
Even young kids can contribute to the household - here's a list of some age appropriate chores for 5 year olds...
Kids cooking in the kitchen is easy with these 8 tips.
Kids cooking doesn't have to be stressful—get the kids involved with these 8 simple strategies...
A Fly Lady review: my seven favorite things...
I'm not a real Fly Baby, but here are my seven favorite things about the Fly Lady ...
Which chores for kids are age appropriate?
Chores for kids are easily adaptable to any age!
Need chores for preteens? Are you wondering if your child helping enough?
Looking for some chores for preteens? You won't believe the long list of household chores that kids can do!
Stranger danger: what you need to know to prevent kidnapping and sexual predati
Eight suggestions to educate your children about stranger danger. Education and awareness can prevent kidnapping!
Cleaning the bathroom is easy with these five steps and pro tips.
Here's a checklist for cleaning the bathroom so you can train your kids!
The parent report card gives you more credibility!
Maybe you shouldn't look at this parent report card --How would you fare if your kids could evalute your parenting? Try this unique experiment...
How to pay bills? Use this free customizable checklist.
No one explains how to pay bills yet it is supremely important. Say goodbye to late fees with these five tips and free checklist!
Another child behavior problem? Try these two important strategies.
You know the perfect time for a child behavior problem to surface, and so do they...
GROAN! Too many stuffed animals? Here's the help you need...
If your kids have too many stuffed animals in their rooms, here's what to do to get it under control.
Stranger danger scenarios to practice with your kids
Practice these stranger danger scenarios and teach your kids the two RED FLAG BEHAVIORS
Simplify Christmas this year--here's how.
have you always wanted to simplify Christmas but have not known how to get your family on board? Read on...
You CAN avoid Christmas stress!
Do you experience Christmas stress due to these four common stressors? It doesn't have to be a part of your holiday season—read on for what to do.
The Christmas countdown has's what you need to get ready.
Use this Christmas checklist to beat the Christmas countdown
How to clean walls in five easy steps!
Need to know how to clean walls? It's easier than you think...
Is bedwetting an ongoing frustration? You're not alone.
Bedwetting is more common than you are some ideas to keep your sanity
Hey, single parents! Do your kids take advantage of inconsistency?
Smart single parents remember this important rule. Do you?
Your disorganized child needs you to read this.
Does your disorganized child struggle with focus and responsibility?
Resolutions for kids are a great idea, but how can you get started?
Resolutions for kids can shape their entire year! Give it a try this year.
Is sibling rivalry driving you crazy? Try this.
Eliminate (most) sibling rivalry with this positive reinforcement.
Looking for a clean bedroom?
Does your child's bedroom look like a tornado hit? Try these tips for a clean bedroom for your child.
Knowing how to clean windows can save you a lot of money!
With these four easy steps you can learn how to clean windows without chemicals.
How to wash sheets to eliminate critters and micro-bugs
Do you know how to wash sheets and how often you should?
Lazy kids or productive kids? Which do YOU have?
Are you ready to turn your lazy kids into productive members of your household? Read on...
Clean windows with vinegar --it's easy and non-toxic!
If you know how to clean windows with vinegar, you save money and avoid harsh's how.
Got dirty sheets? Teach your kids how to wash their sheets so you don't have to
. Get your kids to do laundry! Do they know how to wash dirty sheets? Do you?

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